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About GraphicSolutions

GraphicSolutions was setup in September 1992 to originally supply Computer equipment and maintenance to Design and Advertising agencies around the country. Hence the name GraphicSolutions - "providing solutions to the graphics industry".

Over the next few years due to the amount of equipment being sold, we became Apple and Xerox distributors. We would provide the design pc, plotter (for posters), printer, digital film recorder (slide maker) and integrate these products into the company's original networks. We provided support and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Over the years that followed due mainly to the internet, the margins on the products vastly reduced to where at one stage we were making £15 on a £1000 imac… This made us re-evalute the business and change direction to where we are today. We noticed that when we sold a system and printer/plotter - the companies regularly came back to re order toners/inks and media. And the margins were a lot better!

So we decided to focus all our attention on buying and selling consumables. Also there was no need for maintenance engineers…a toner works 99% of the time where computers don't!…

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