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GraphicSolutions Distribution

The main business of GraphicSolutions is the redistribution of excess consumables. For example HP might sell 1000 toners to Distributor A (they may only want 500 but are offered more favourable pricing in return for ordering a greater quantity) and after 3 months this company may have 400 left in its warehouse.

The sales department of Distributor A get billed from the warehouse of Distributor A if these toners are in stock for more than 3 months. The sales department to save this cost will reduce the cost of these 400 and sell to us. We will then find another Distributor B who wants the stock and sell to them. We repeat this many times a month.

We also are in touch with many government agencies and large corporate companies who replace printer lines regularly. We have cleared out many stock cupboards and supplies departments and either replaced old toners for new ones or paid direct for the old toners. We then find customers that want the stock.

Sell Toners Now

We are regularly buying toners from Europe and the U.S. and selling to distributors in the UK who need the stock, and also selling to different countries in the EU. If you have any stock to sell or need a site visit please email and we will happily come and see the stock you have.